Nero coverdesigner question

Hi all … please help.

I am using Nero 8 coverdesigner to print DVD covers for movies which I have burnt to DVD. I am using Neato CD lables 2UP (A4) style layout but I cannot get the image to print correctly into the centre of the label … (eg) part of the image always prints outside the label.

Can someone please tell me how to center/move/align the image so that the image is printed into the centre of the label???

Greatly appreciate any assistance … cheers in advance. :bow:

Usually you have to choose a paper stock. If you go to File> Paper Stocks in cover designer you can choose the company and type of paper you are using. If you can’t find it select add stock and you’ll create a user defined stock. Or maybe you can find more paper stocks to add by going to the cd label manufacturer website. These are just suggestions, I really haven’t used cover designer.