Nero cover designer verbatim trim case inlay



Have the Nero cover designer and I am having a hard time getting the sizing correct for the cover inlays.

I am using Verbatim Trim dvd cases which have a measurement of 10 1/2" width by 7 1/4 height the spline is 1/4". Using 8 1/2"x11" paper.

I notice that the Nero is all done in mm (milimeters). USA I’m clueless of the metric system.

I have tried experimenting with different sizes width 270mm,
height 184mm, spline 1.00mm but it is still cutting the edge off of the cover images.

Anyone able to help me with this?

How do I just get the inlay that I have created sent to my Epson R220 printer without the disk and booklet ?

Thanks for any help.