Nero Cover Designer help

Okay my problem is that since my re-install after getting the PC fixed I no longer have MS Publisher, can’t find the disc, and I used it for the making and printing of DVD covers. I thought I would give Nero’s own label creator a try as I used to use it for printing the disc labels before I got my R200. Unfortunately I am having a problem with it.

Now to the problem. For some reason it only wants to print the case inserts in landscape mode which means I am having one edge of the label cut off as the printer is in portrait and there is no way it can hold the paper in landscape. My printer is set to print in portrait. I just can’t seem to find the settings for doing this in Nero Cover Designer.

I have downloaded and read the manual and can’t find instruction to solve this. Can any one help me please.

This is what happens with all covers I try and as I need to reprint a few covers for my back ups as I had a link from my little fishtank I realy need to get this sorted:

Maybe the setting to modify is not in nero cover designer, but in your printer settings.

EDIT: Have you checked in menu File --> Printer Setup?

That’s just it Geno it is already set to portrait, as I said, that is why I don’t understand what is going on.

:o Sorry, I missed it

Don’t be the obvious is always the first to try when trying to get to the bottom of something as it is usually missed out by people because of the “if it’s something wrong with the PC it must be complicated sybdrome”, I have seen it when people can’t get their PC to turn on. Suggest they check the socket to make sure it is plugged in and turned on, does get some savoury replies, I know from experience :smiley:

Have you selected the right layout? The wrong one have different dimensions.

Sorry if also this is a dumb suggestion :flower:

change it from portrait to landscape

Geno yes I did.

Slayer that is the problem. WHERE do I do it? I can’t see the option anywhere in Nero that is the point of my posting.

Jay ~ go into printer prefs and select Landscape.
I’ve just done that and went to inlay and the paper has been correctly orientated.
Hope this cures the problem!

Thanks wee, it had to be something that simple. When I see landscape in printer options I thought it needs the paper to be inserted as landscape, and the paper does not fit in the printer that way.

there’s only one place to change it from portrait to landscape :wink:

My printer is also chopping some of the cover off, however it is already printing in landscape. About 1/10th of one side of the cover hust doesn’t print.
It looks like a margin roblem, but I just have no idea how to solve it.

Hi there, my first post so be gentle with me!
When printing DVD covers with Nero the setup looks perfect in the preview but when cropped to the guide marks it’s about 3/16th of an inch too short from the side of the case.This never happened before.Is there any way of tweaking the print size in Nero or should I just reinstall it?