Nero Cover designer error

I have been using Nero version 6 and now have switched to version 8. When I try to print out a CD label based on a data CD using Nero Cover Designer, the data control is blank, it does not show a list of folders from the CD compilation. The same exact folders show fine when I use Nero version 6.
From reading this forum, I know that Nero creates a .cdc file in the temp folder and then passes the path to this file as a commandline parameter to Cover Designer. I have compared .cdc file created by version 6 and 8 and the only differences I see is that version 6 file (the one that works) has an additional AutoDelete parameter and that folder names are not arranged alphabetically but instead the first 3 folders are at the bottom of the list. The file created by version 8 (the one that does not work) is showing the folders in correct alphabetical order. I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience where Nero would not pass information correctly to Cover Designer. Thanks!

After some experimenting I have figured out what is different between the two .cdc files. The file created by version 8 (does not work) is Unicode format while the file created by version 6 (works) is OEM format even though they may appear to be the same. As soon as I change the format to OEM using PSPad, Cover Designer can open it no problem.

I wondering if there is a way to make Nero create the .cdc file in OEM format to begin with, I cannot find anything in Preferences.