Nero Cover Designer - 100% CPU time with large(ish) files


I have an issue with Nero cover designer ( as relesed with nero 6) when I use it to scan in an image to use as a cover/label.

With 4 images scanned in to one .ncd file, the file size is only about 17MB, however, when trying to open this up, cover designer immediatly uses 100% CPU time. The PC dosn’t crash and if I wait for about 10+ MINUTES(!) cover designer will evenually start. Even with just 1 scanned image, a .ncd file will still take a few minutes to load. I have run pretty large image file without these kinds of issue on this machine in the past.

Is this a known issue with this program and has it been fixed in the lastest nero release? Or is there another simple to use cover designer program that can be used that does not take this long?

Many thanks