Nero cover design problem

Hello everyone.
I have just updated to Nero, in this update there is an update for the cover design program to V2.7.3.0.

The problem I am having is that I have scanned my DVD cover, the dimensions of this cover are 3211 x 2147. On the cover design program previous to V2.7.3.0 I could go through the procedure for shrinking the cover to the dimensions of the dvd inlay, the spine would be in the correct position on the screen and everything was correct. But on the V2.7.3.0, I cannot get the scanned dvd cover to fit to the dimensions of the dvd inlay, the spine is always out of allignment on the screen, I was wondering if there is some setting that I need to alter or something like that, as I have never had a problem with cover design before and I have been using Nero cover design since Nero 6. Thanks in advance.

I have solved the problem by choosing zoom from the view menu and then selecting ZOOM ALL, doing this brought the little black squares into view so that I could then resize the image to fit the on screen template, and now the spine fits in the correct place on the on screen template.