Nero copy options



I have Nero OEM Suite 6.6 and would like to know how to get to the copy options. I try copying a game and it wont work it comes up with all these unrecoverable errors. I would also like to know how to turn the read RAW data option on.

THANKS in advance for your help!


I dont believe nero will be able to do this. You will need a program like clonecd or alcohol 120%. What game is it your looking to copy?


The game is Farcry


Ah… a few people have had problems with this

I dont know but alcohol may have updated… download the trial


When i look at the error report, after trying to copy something that has unrecoverable errors theres a bunch of options that are turned off, but i dont know how to turn them on, heres the piece of the error report…can anyone help me get to the these options listed below? ( copy options, data options and audio options )

12:41:58 PM #9 Text 0 File CDCopy.cpp, Line 840
Copy options: copy on-the-fly: ON
use jitter correction: OFF
data options
ignore read error: ON write defekt blocks OFF
read raw data: OFF read r-w subchannel data: OFF
audio options
ignore read error: ON
read indexes: OFF read r-w subchannel data: OFF
source disc does not look like CD Extra
01. 0 - 306382 = 306382, data (TRM_DATA_MODE1, block size 2048)


why are you copying on the fly?


I dont know how to change it…any suggestions


Read the FAQ of the toll you are using or just select another target as a shortcut.