Nero copy error



while using Nero 4.8 to copy a MS Office 2000 prem cd, I get an error message “analyzing of cd Failed”
Cd then ejects.
What is wrong.
E-mail please


Lookes if your cddrive is not on the supporting list?
or your cd-r has unreadable files
or the cd-r is dirty…

give some more info…



I’m using a HP8250I. It works fine for copying every thing so far. I have copied other MS cd’s with out any difficulitys at all.
This is teh Office 2000 single rom upgrade to the premium version.
After inserting, Nero tries to analyz the rom before the burn process. This wi were is fails imediately.?
Any ideas?
Is there a special copyright that Nero can ignore on this rom?


I’ve used Cdrwin 3.7c to copy MS Office 2000 Prem.!
No problems here!!!
Good luck!