Nero - converting nero .nra file to winamp playlist m3u or b4s or pls


I hope someone clever can help me with this, ive asked in another couple of forums that i lurk in but haven’t got very far yet…

My problem is this
I makes a compilation of audio files in Nero to create an audio CD.
But before I burn the cd I want to listen to the whole compilation to check how it all fits together, you can imagine?

I realize i could make a playlist in Winamp then open that in Nero, but I find making multiple playlists in winamp cumbersome and unreliable.
(and I’ve got lots of .nras lying around that I want check this way)

So I want to turn the .nra file into a m3u file (or such) so I can play the compilation in Winamp.

I’m sure it should be possible (the .nra appears to contain most of the right info if you look at it with a text editor) but I’ve searched “the entire interweb” and only found other peoples unanswered questions asking the same thing.

(be funny if this one goes the same way, again :wink:

thanks in advance

win xp home
pIII 1ghz
winamp 3 (+windows media player
liteon 32123S

(ps this might also help you find missing tracks from old .nra’s when you have moved the source file mp3)

Dunno if this is possible (feel free to shoot me…virtually that is…when I am wrong), but how about burning the CD to an image and then mount the image on a virtual CD. You should then be able to play the CD as if it was a burnt one…or do I totally not understand the virtual CD and its application for audio CDs?

u got it right Da_Taxman.

just burn the image using the Image Recorder in nero, and then u can mount the image onto a virtual drive using a program like Alcohol.

thanks for your thoughts.

I just tried burning an image and it takes like 3.5 minutes ( less than to burn a cdrw admittedly)

but I’ve thought about it and have had some advice from kind people at hydrogen audio as well and have defined my problem a bit better.

It would be greatestest for me to convert .nra to .m3u because then i could make changes and save them back to Nero in a really useful way.

looks like a lost cause so im looking at using Feurio in future but am not 100% convinced (and I have a big back catalogue of .nra’s that i may as well dump)

no wonder there were so many unanswered questions round the web -
“its impossible”!

To successfully write a NRA to M3U program all the program has to do is find all of the locations such as C:\Albums\Album.mp3 and save them all to a file with the M3U extension and you’d have a working playlist generated from an NRA file.

That’s your best option: using good software instead of Nero.

Feurio is great for compilations.
You don’t have to save or load old compilations anymore. They’re all opened when Feurio is opened.

Deleted compilations are stored in “projects/old” folder, if you want to recover them.

MP3 playlist wouldn’t be truly suitable since the pauses between songs won’t be reliable.
With Feurio, what your hear is what get: WYHIWYG :wink:

Edit: Ouchh… this thread is from July :stuck_out_tongue:

How about the reverse? I want to burn a playlist to a CD in Nero. In other words, burn 200 plus mp3’s to a 700 meg CD to play in my car CD player that plays mp3’s.

The mp3’s are in various folders on the hard drive and don’t want to go searching through the folders and drag them over to CD in Nero. I want to drag the playlist to the CD in Nero but not as a audio CD which would limit the number of mp3’s to about 20-30.