Nero convert mpeg2 and mpeg4

When I perches my DVD burner it came with nero 7 essentials I got the up dates and it gave me a 30 day trial for mpeg2 and mpeg4 converter after the 30 days was up it led me to a site to buy nero 9, so I perches nero 9 and it do’s not work any one know if nero 9 comes with the mpeg2 and mpeg4 converter or was I just scammed and need to buy more software??? Thanks for all the help

The full version of Nero 9 should have the capability to encode to mpeg2 or mpeg4 using Nero Vision. If you bought Nero 9 Essentials, then you might not have these included. If you are certain you have the full version of Nero, contact the Nero support services and make a detailed report of your problem.

There are a lot of other, free programs that can convert to mpeg2 or mpeg4. Many of them produce quality that is equal to or better than Nero.

For converting to dvd-video look at [B]DVDFlick, AVStoDVD or FAVC[/B].
For converting to mpeg2 (not in dvd-video format) you can use [B]SUPER[/B].
For converting to mpeg4, there are many choices, including [B]SUPER, Xvid4PSP, and Handbrake.[/B] Handbrake in particular has a large community of users and is quite easy to use.

As I said before, all of those programs are free to download and use with no restrictions on output.