Nero conflicting with AnyDVD?

I recently upgraded from Nero 6 to 7.I also thought it to be a good idea to upgrade my system aspi to the latest adaptec 4.71.I have encountered an issue with AnyDVD if Nero is running the info tab for AnyDVD says that both
drives D and E are dissabled.I have to shutdown Nero and reboot the PC to get them active again.Any one else run into this problem?If AnyDVD is not
running i dont have any issues with Nero at all and vise vursus.Any ideas?
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BTW.1st post here,been a registered lurker for quite some time now,best info on the net by far

There have been many posts in the past suggesting that Aspi 4.71 should be avoided & that 4.60 is the safer bet.

You’re certainly right about this being the best place for info, along with the occasional bit of abuse.

Thnx for the reply :wink: I’m gonna force aspi 4.6 and see if that fixes the issues im having.
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Use ForceASPI to completely remove ASPI. Then , if your really need ASPI, install 4.60. Unless you use a program that expressly requires ASPI, don’t install it.

Also, not many people around here yet consider Nero7 to be an “upgrade” from Nero6. :wink: You might do well to leave 7 on the shelf for a couple months till it gets a few updates.

I got rid of aspi 4.71 with force aspi and reinstalled 4.6.Fixed everything,no more conflict between Nero and AnyDVD.The system is back up to speed without buggy operation or unresponsive Explorer
windows.I did’nt think that it would be causing all of that.Has Adaptec realized what kind of issues this release is causing?Oh and the only issue i’ve had with Nero v7 has been trying to run my Motorola 6412 DVR Tuner through recode.As soon as i select the 6412 as the streaming source it reboots the PC.But untill i can eliminate my DVR driver as the problem i can’t really say it’s Nero’s fault.
Anyway thanks for the advice guys.
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There should be no need for Adaptec’s ASPI at all in this situation. Nero has its own ASPI and AnyDVD uses a proprietary system.

I say get rid of Adaptec’s crap altogether.