Nero Com APIs to convert mpeg4 to DVD

Hi i’m a newbie in the forum and in Nero software and i’m trying to develop a small app that burns wmv (mpeg4 files) to mpeg2 (DVD).
i’m looking for the APIs that are in charge of doing the transcode from mpeg4 to mpeg2 and then burn, with no luck. I know nero vision can do that but for some reason i can’t find those APIs.

btw - I’m using Nero latest version with the latest SDK 1.7

Any help will be very appreciated.

U can found the api here:

Inside there is a nerovisio example that works with vc++ (with some tricks for the xml problem), but seems broken the .net support

I already downloaded the SDK and i’m trying to use the .Net example for burning video files to DVD, but the app seems to crash in the following function:
EstimateCreateNeroBurnContextTime (I know you already posted it…)
Did you try the C++ sample, does it work?

Yes, the c++ example works, but u need to select the DVD burner in the first page (yes seems silly but i’ve lost 15 min cause the error was strange) and the load xml stuff doesn’t work, u need to recompile it and then works (however u can load video and images with the insert button and works). However I’ve created with the example 1 dvd video that works.
The com obj probably never worked, i’ve tryed the,, and the and i’ve the error.
I’ll try to contact the real nero support