Nero cmd line batch program stops working

Hi…Some time back with the help of this forum I set up a small batch program to backup folders and files on my Windows 2000 and burn them with my Nero 6.6 as a zip CD. At first there were the usual learning glitches but it’s been smooth ever since. I have a single CD-R Plextor model PX-W1210A. The batch line for the burn is “C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\NeroCmd.exe” --write --import --real --drivename h --tao --iso SysBackup --close_session C:\Bakup_CD\FUL*.zip. The error I get is:
[i] invalid field in command PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W1210A\H
[#] Cannot write compilation to selected recorders simultaneously.

I only have the one CD-R and couldn’t change what windows calls my CD-R (it looks like it’s title is being suddenly interpreted as two burners!)

I have lately burned perhaps a half dozen large CD’s trying to perfect a boot CD install of my complete W2k with hot fixes and applications included. That’s been the only untypical use of the burner.

My search so far has turned up a single post about the same problem related to CloneCd (which I don’t have) and the only answer was a utility that did system overall tune up. I haven’t tried it and would really like to understand what’s causing this. The CD I’m currently adding updates to has only three 120 MB zips. I’ve defragged and cleaned up my drive, but…no luck. Suggestions?
Regards, Nick

Hi again, I looked in the error log and while it’s highly technical (for me at least) it indicates problems with addresses on the disk. I took the easy way out and just started fresh with a new disk and all went well. It’s a quick and easy fix as the error log now shows no problems.
Regards, Nick