Nero & CloneCD

Hi, if you guys notice, I’m new to this forum. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I have a very simple question. If I install Nero (v. and CloneCD (v., will they make a possible driver conflict ? I know that Nero does not like DirectCD, but what about CloneCD? :confused:

I have tried installing both of them, and don’t ask me what happened :rolleyes: . So, I’m just wandering if any of you have had the same problem… and share opinion?


P.S. pardon my English. :wink:

I have installed Nero & Clonecd (both) on several computers
and I had no problems .

Same here. Installed CloneCD, CDRWin, Nero, InCD without any problems. As long as you keep away from Easy CD Creator you’re fine :wink:

Practically all programs can work together, EXCEPT Roxio software…

It is Software from Roxio (WinOnCD, Easy CD Creator and especially DirectCD) that is responsible for almost 99% of the problems that occur…

CloneCD and Nero (and if you want, FireBurner and CDRWin) work perfectly next to each other.

Yez DirectCD is really fucked up!!!

CloneCD and Nero has always been a good combination for me.

I think I’ve used most burning programs and these two seem to be best for me.

Mr C

Nero/clonecd/and cdrwin - Run like hell from EZCD though

Thank you all forum goers… :slight_smile:

A very special thanks for scalle, G@M3FR3@K, Da_Taxman, jpschadde, mr_claypole, cloakdoa. :smiley: for answering my most hardest mystery.

One last question, if I may…
few mention about CDRWin, Fireburner, InCD.
Are my guesses for these program functions are right? :confused:

Nero (best for Single/Multiple File(s) managment) = Fireburner
CloneCD (best for 1:1 CD copy/backup) = CDRWin, InCD

Thank you for all your help guys. :slight_smile:
I feel very accepted and comfortable in this forum. Thank you once again.

P.S. thank you Da_Taxman for your insights. I will keep in mind before installing Roxio CD-W programs. :cool:

Originally posted by jeffrey
Nero (best for Single/Multiple File(s) managment) = Fireburner
CloneCD (best for 1:1 CD copy/backup) = CDRWin, InCD

These are all different programs!

Nero = best for Single/Multiple File(s) managment
FireBurner = great for burning CUE and ISO
CDRWin = same as FireBurner
CloneCD = best for 1:1 CD copy/backup
InCD = best for CD-RW managment

Here some URLs:

Nero and InCD

Works perfect

happy burning

you forgot Feurio, one of the best progs for Audio cd’s!

hmm…www.feurio.DE, www.ahead.DE, www.elby.DE
i guess the germans have the monopoly in (great) CDR software :cool:

forgot that one

nero and clone just works fine with eachother even winoncd works fine with it…
it is not true that winoncd gives problems with other burnprogs
i use it from version 3.5 and clone from version 1024
it is true easy cd creator gives problems…
thats the only prog i don’t use …further i used every single program with eachother without any problems


Although the conflicts that you have talked about concerning EZ CD and other burner software may have existed with previous versions, they do not exist for EZ CD 5. Roxio has corrected most of those problems with its latest version. I have EZ CD 5, Nero 5.5, clonecd and directCD 5 all installed on my computers without problems. The key is proper installation and configuration (as I believe gamesfreak learned while installing Nero on his win 2K system). EZ CD 5 did have some problems with win 2K earlier this year, which was due to a problem with take two (a worthless program just as Nero’s hard drive backup and virus checker are useless) and has been corrected (in a very timely fashion, I might add). Roxio’s problems with DirectCD 5 are no greater than any other packet writing software (let’s face it, packet writing needs to be improved by every maker!). InCD is rife with bugs and conflict problems, especially on win 2K.

Incidentally, Da_Taxman, I do not work for Roxio. I am an academician with several advanced degrees. I always seek the truth and sometimes react unkindly to that which is less than the whole truth. I appreciate your indulgence and the opportunity to correct some widely held myths that may have been true at one time, but are not true now.

i got every burning prog there is outhere on my comp.
except easy cd creator and direct cd …winoncd just works fine with all others…

I got every burning program on my Win ME system, only NERO I banned to the WIN NT system as it fucks up too much if combined with other burning programs.
I run a dual boot system: Win ME/Win NT with the NT partition hidden and not internet-capable for security (read: virus) reasons.

Ah! I remember that I had problems with Backup Executive’s CD burning capabilities after installing Nero, I guess I have to check that one (haven’t had much need for that after getting a nice HP DDS3 streamer for only $60) that holds 6 cartridges of 26 Gb DAT tapes in its magazine :slight_smile:

Of course I know how to copy disks. Where’s the xerox machine?