Nero, CloneCD, Win2000 & SCSI PLextor Issues

Hi… I’m new to this forum, not to computers, so I’ll keep this short…

Here’s the situation: Windows2000 on an Asus P2B-LS w/SCSI Plextor 1210S. Have all the latest patches, drivers, etc. Use Nero for most stuff. Burns fine, simulates fines, verifies fine, etc… no coasters ever. No copying, just backups of data (MP3s, etc.).

Here’s the problem: Added CloneCD (latest version) to the mix, and Nero no longer works! The error is: “Cannot write compilation to selected recorders simultaneously” when running simulation or burning. Tried ripping ASPI files and registry entries… no go.

I’m outta ideas. Anyone have this problem?


I have a similar problem. I have a mixed system with 2 adaptec SCSI-controllers (2940UW / 2940AU) and the 2 IDE-channels.
My operating system is Windooze 2000.

I installed CloneCD and wanted to burn a video-CD with Nero.
Nero told me that there is a dll missing for creating VCD, but
ISO-CDs still work… :confused:

After reinstalling Nero, my PLEXTOR 320A isn’t recognized again
by Nero. The problem still exists after deinstalling Nero and
CloneCD and reinstalling Nero. :Z

I’m still looking for the solution…

Hi I had the same problem, after I install Clone CD, nero does not recognized my CD LTR-40125S, so I remove Clone CD and Nero and re install Nero and the same problem.
So I download the aplication “TuneUp Utilities 2003” from
I run this aplication 3 of 4 times, clean regestry. After that I reinstall Nero and everthing is O.K. now. It works for me.