Nero character set problem (®“”;’‘§).TXT


Nero 8 makes substitutions on burning when it encounters some special characters in file names. I’m using ISO9660:1999, but still have problems with character substitution. The result is that the target DVD no longer will compare with the source files, and for the special section character Windows XP actually can’t copy the file back to the hard disk drive. See note below for further details.

This is not specifically a code page or locale problem, since I’m working in English. I’m trying AppLocale, but doubt it is the solution. Nero 9 does not have Unicode support either, as I understand it. What DVD burning software supports these characters properly (that is, with relaxed ISO standards presumably)?

Thank you in advance for your help.

– Roy Zider

Note: can’t insert tabs to make table below, and multiple spaces are being collapsed into a single space. Added file attachment, maybe that will work.

Nero char set conversion problem
1/11/2009 6:22PM lsz

Burning OWLLSZ03 to DVD, found errors on compare

Summary of remapping:

Hex codes Decimal codes
Src Sub Src Sub Src Sub
® r AE 72 174 114
“ " 93 22 147 34
” " 94 22 148 34
; _ 3B 5F 59 95
’ ’ 92 27 146 39
‘ ’ 91 27 145 39
§ A7 15 167 21

Test character stream: ®“”;’‘§


  1. ‘ assumed to map to '.
  2. § is the major problem – maps to 0x15 control character, Windows Explorer can’t copy it back to the hard disk drive.