Nero cdspeed

i have just tried the same cd 3 times with cdspeed scandisk and i have got three different results 1st time 96:44% second time 97:59% third time 98:55% i am using the same cdrom a liteon ltn526 so i take it that cdspeed is not that reliable going by what i have seen the cd was written at 48 speed

             cheers   spike

As some disc errors may be on the edge i.e. whether they read as good or bad, 1’s or 0’s. I would not be too worried by this.

I am only concerned with getting zero errors reported and no slowdowns. Any deviation from this for important stuff and I burn another ‘top brand’ disc.


Scandisc is less reliable that the “quality check” function, at least is seems so to me. If you must use it, what you want to see is “0” yellow and a full-speed read.