Nero CDSpeed

The list of burners that are compatable with Nero CDSpeed is here…

However this list looks to be outdated, is there a new updated list available?

Regarding the reading and writing tests, I think that almost any burner is compatible with cd-dvd speed.

The only exceptions that I know are related with the disc quality test. All plextor drives are incompatible with this feature. To do scans with a plextor drive it’s necessary to use proprietary software Plextools

Can you please give me a short list of populars drive that will show the disc quality test with Nero Cd-DVD Speed

All liteon drives, all Sony drives that are rebranded liteons, benq drives starting from 1620 except for 1670 if I’m not wrong are main examples

Many thanks for the quick reply.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: