Nero cdspeed not detecting drives



You have seen it now. I just linked you to the ebay page, maybe you can find it for even less from another seller but it’s only $10… the branded ones can ask for 5 times that much! But like I said, this particular issue has nothing to do with the SATA controller used.

As far as the Windows reinstallation is concerned, Xercus kindly provided some info on how to avoid having to do just that in your own topic a few years ago:

I think you can simply follow the regedit instructions in reverse, to avoid the BSOD when changing from AHCI to IDE mode. Worth a try at least.


I only needed to change the ‘Start’ entry from 0 to 3 in the following registry key:


I then restarted windows and changed SATA mode from AHCI to IDE in BIOS.

Now all drives are detected, but I wonder if there are any side effects.


Nice! Thanks for confirming that it works, I’ll also keep that regkey in mind when switching modes with the MS AHCI driver :iagree:

I can’t think of any serious side effects, I’ve been using nothing but IDE mode on all my PCs. You lose NCQ mode but that only translates to different results in synthetic benchmarks but no real-world difference even on an SSD in my experience.


The SATA controller in Display Manager is listed as Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller and is using the Microsoft drivers (6.1.7601.17514) from 2006. Are there not any newer drivers?


I think even W10 uses 2006-drives from MS.

Your mainboard-manufacturer should offer you drivers from the chipset-manufacturer (Intel, AMD). In my experience the MS-drives are reliable, but not ultra-performant.

If you install Windows it will always use the MS-drivers and never aks you to update it or install the drivers from chipset-manufacturer


Would be hard to avoid PCI-less mainboards if you want an actual chipset. IIRC most mainboard-chipsets use since years bridgechips PCIE -> PCI because no native PCI-busis included. I have no experience how good external adapters work, and AFAIK only LOw-profile-cards are fit in it.

In my experience the LSi-SAS-adapter did good work with all ODDs I´ve tried. It´s not that expensive but you have to crossflash it which not work with every mainboard. I have 3 of these controllers, the 1st was easy to flash. BUt after I tried it in a new mainboard with UEFI I had trouble because only the 1st step (erasing) worked and then the card wasn´t recognized. So I use an older PC with simple BIOS and flasing was easy.


I checked a few times and for SATA they offer RAID AHCI drivers and not IDE.


And according to some articles on the topic AHCI vs IDE, the first should be faster than the second. I am not sure however how noticeable is the difference in performance. By setting SATA mode to IDE, the change is not only for optical, but also SSD and HDD drives.


I guess most ppl don´t notice the difference in speed.

AHCI offers additional feature like NCQ (isn´t that important for a SSD because of the low access times) and Hot Plugin.

TRIM should also work in IDE-Mode

AMD-chipsets, at least til the FM2+ series, offers the possibility to use some ports with AHCI and some with IDE