Nero cdspeed always around 0,40?



I try to test disc quality at 4x or 8x with cdspeed,but the speed never goes beyond 0,40 to 0,60
now i know this isn’t normal,so what could be the problem?



Check DMA settings with Nero Info Tool.



DMA is on when i check it,is this good?What else could be the problem?


Okay, DMA should be “on”.
Just to make sure: You want to use CD/DVD Speed? I am asking, because there is another tool (I think, it’s drive speed or similar) which is intended to set the speed of a drive.

What drive are you using? There are some drives, that are not capable to do error scanning. Also, you may have some bad media. Try scanning a pressed disc.
And make sure, that there aren’t any programs that might influence disc access (Norton crap, Anydvd, Sony rootkit, other DRM stuff) running in the background.



yes,it’s dvd speed
my drive is a benq 1620 and there’s nothing running in the background,
i did a test,so how do i upload the image here?



use the screenshot button in CD/DVD Speed (floppy symbol) and use the “Manage Attachments” function of this forum.



anyone know what’s wrong with this? Surprised that no one seems to know this…


Update the firmware in your drive. Check BenQ’s website for the latest revision


I have the latest firmware,G7V9 already


Have a look at the following thread… I would encourage you to crossflash your drive to firmware B7W9.


everybody keeps talking bout a .cvt file
i don’t have that,when i downloaded this firmware of the benq site,it’s an exe file.

can anyone help me out on this forum please?

I wanna crossflash my benq 1620 to to retail version,can i just use this then?

my drive is benq 1620 bulk(benq not on front lid) with G7V9 firmware.

  1. is it normal that when i burn a game at 4,0x,after a while the burn speed goes down to 3,3x for a couple of seconds and then back up to 4,0x? This happens more then once in a burn.

2)is it better to crossflash my firmware? Would i benefit from using the B7W9 firmware instead of mine?

3)How do i do it? Just open the Windows DW Flash prog and then load in the B7W9 firmware and flash it?It’s that simple?or do i have to reboot and start in safe mode??All help would be appreciated. Or just use the exe file from the benq site to crossflash?

I downloaded the cvt file of B7W9 also from somewhere,which one shoudl i use,the exe or windw flasher and the cvt?
Is crossflashing to retail version considered better?
thx a lot


Take a look at Zebadee’s thread on How to Be a Flasher. Also, you should look at the BenQ subforum under the Optical Drives Forum for lots of tasty information on your drive and how it plays with the power tools.