Nero CD Speed

Okay guys I just d/led Nero CD Speed and it pops up No CD-ROM drives found any ideas ? No problems before just thought I’d d/l this program

Do a Google search for a program called “cdgone” it will find it for you


PS…How is the weather there in the desert :confused:

Tim it is great in the 80’s It’s just Nero that says no cd rom found, all the other programs are ok, no problems so I just removed Nero didn’t need it anyway. Thanks for the reply

Yea I don’t use Nero either even though I paid for the Ultra
oh well never been worried about money anyway it’s just paper RIGHT :bigsmile:

You need an ASPI layer. See this thread:

Thanks Shamu but I went ahead and removed it as I didn’t need it in the first place, just thought I’d d/l it and the big boys :slight_smile: can remove this thread if they want