Nero CD Speed

Hi i just got the 716SA and have done a few burns now, but i had a question about the cd speed program. Does it measure the burn speed or the reading speed of the disk, sort of confused here. I will burn a disk with plextools with the write speed set to 6x and when i scan it with cd speed it goes all the way up to 10-12x.
Can someone enlighten me as what is going on? :confused:

The Transfer Rate Test in Nero CD-DVD Speed can do two things. When you insert a blank disc in your recorder CD-DVD Speed will run a Write Speed test. When you insert a burned disc in your drive the software will perform a Read Speed test. Note: when you insert a blank disc in your recorder and do a write transfer rate test with Nero CD-DVD Speed it will actually write your media.

OK so all the screenshots from CD Speed here are people burning a disc, I get it know.
Thanks for the reply.

A Nero CD-DVD Speed Write Transfer Test will be a simulation, provided that the media tested supports simulation (CD-R/RW & DVD-R/RW). A blank disc is only actually written if the media doesn’t support write simulation (DVD+R/RW).

The Create Data Disc will always write the disc however.

Ouch, you’re right! Sorry about my wrong information. For my reviews I always use the “Create Data Disc” option so that an actual write speed graph will be created.