Nero CD-Speed wonky results?



Having recently installed my new shiny Benq 1620 (upgraded from the Pioneer 108) Im really enjoying the quality and speed of burns. Ive just burnt a backup of some data and ran it through Nero CD-Speed to see how good the Verbatim media was I was using.

I got this very dubious scan. Now either these discs are very impressive or something is not working right here…or I am a fool and dont understand what Im looking for.

To check I ran the scan again with DiskInfoPro which offered some more beliveable results. Which of these graphs is the ‘correct’ one.

is this a good scan or should I change media?

<files attached>


pls update yr nero CD-DVD Speed


Your Nero CD-DVD Speed is too old. Because scanning speed is only 1.56x. At this speed, PIF is always zero.

Use the newest version.


Thanks guys…I presumed cd-speed would have been updated when I installed the latest nero…doh!


Looks like another beautiful CMC Mag scan. With CMC medias, do perform a copy test. If video, use DVDdecryptor all-file mode with “ignore errors” option shut off. With data, simply copy it back to a temporary folder on your hard drive (clean out folder after test).

With 150 CMC blanks, I got beautiful scans every time I scanned.
However, I got 37 cases of beautiful scans of discs that had corrupt data.
Copying the disc back to the hard drive would result in an error message.
So, with this media, use a copy test as the means of quality control.


Thanks for the good advice. I ran nero ‘verify’ to ensure everything was ok.
If the data is being corrupted, isnt it possible it would copy back ok but actually copy back corrupted data - and in the case of contacts and telephone numbers or databases that could be as useless as not having a back up. Is this a drive or media problem, or adrive&specific media compatability issue?

Something very odd happened though this afternoon. I have some old (1yr-ish) TDK02 left that I havent used due to obtaining faster medium since. These burn just fine on my Pioneer 108 at 2x speed (they are supposed to be 4x according to the box but only have a 2x data description if I do a media check) but when I burnt one on my 1620 (it offered 4x write speed too) with a nero + verify, it checked out ok. I then ejected the disc and put it back in to do the PI/PO scan and both apps (DVDSpeed&DIP) complained the disc hadnt been written to. Sure enough, windows couldnt see any data although nero had just verified it.
Is that a random gremlin or could that indicate something more sinister afoot?

If I use the CMC discs for video, it sound ropey telling DVDdecryptor to ‘ignore errors’, wont these errors just show up as break up when watching the discs in a regular DVD player? Would I be better of swapping these discs out. I was looking for a cheap alternative to the TY media I have which is first rate, but pricey.

Heres a burn of the TY media on my setup. Really low error count until the last .5GB of data.