Nero CD Speed Utility Shuts Down When Trying To Scan Disc

I just made 3 DVD data discs using Nero Express. I have the latest Nero package and the Nero CD-DVD Speed utility 4.0.4.

When I try to scan the disc for errors, a window pops up with an error and shuts down.

When I try to scan other discs that I had burned using Roxio, they scan just fine.

I used Nero Express to burn the disc and left all the defualt settings as they were.

I am running Windows XP home edition, fully updated.

My drive is an NEC ND-5100A

The media I am using is Sony brand DVD+R but shows up on the disc identifier tool as a Ricoh disc.

I just picked up a 50 pack of taiyo yuden discs, same errors.

The identifier also came up with an error. But all my discs come up with the same error.

[11:56:29] ERROR : ADIP Read M1 Failed : Illegal request - Invalid field in CDB [05/24/00]

And the data is viable and uncorrupted. I can copy it from the DVD to my hard drive, and it all works.

Plus all three discs that I burned were using different data.

Anybody have any ideas??

Did you also mailed it to which is the e-mail address of the author of this program.

If several applications produce errors, maybe there is some kind of software conflict? Do you use Roxio and Nero on the same computer? Some people get away with it, others don’t.

I haven’t yet, but I will now…


I thought there might be a conflict, so I removed all burning software from my computer using the Nero clean tool and others and deleted the registry entries that were left over…

I rebooted with no problems, and reinstalled Nero…

Same problem…