Nero CD Speed trouble, Need Help

Okay here is the dilema, I have two burners, the Plex 24x IDE and the Yamaha 44x IDE, now before the Yamaha I had a 12x Plex. and I use to use Cd Speed to test Overburn on 80 Min CD’s and 99 Min CD’s, and had a database kept too. Then stopped since I knew the limits of the Plex’s. Now that I got the Yamaha, I wanted to test its limits, but now when I try to use the Overburn test, I getto the window and the Start Button is greyed out, Now I am sure I have upgraded Nero from the time I tested the two plex’s til now, I even went so far as to uninstall nero and then re-install, but it doesnt do any good.

I have the ASPI Layers installed also, but for some reason the Nero Info Tool in 55917 tells me the Nero ASPI layers are fine, but that the Adaptec layers are corrupt, which I dont see how it can be since I have no way of checking other then Adaptec’s check tool and that says its fine. I even tried to re-install on top of the installed ASPI layers to see if that would fix it but it doesnt. Using ASPI V 4.72.

Anyone have any ideas? Cause I cant seem to find any info. This happened once with both Plex’s, damned if i remember how I fixed it.

The 44x Yamaha will overburn up to 99:59. The CD Speed overburn test results that you recorded in a database can be used for your Yamaha as well. The overburn tests are independent of the burner unless the burner is the limiting factor.

I wouldn’t use the Adaptec ASPI v4.72. It’s even been taken down from their site and replaced with v4.71.2. I wouln’t use it either.

The older v4.60 seems to work more reliably with non-Adaptec products.

Go to cyrus-troy Downloads and download the ASPI Check and Force ASPI programs.

Unzip (extract) ForceASPI, read the Index.htm file carefully, and run the program. ForceASPI will repair and properly install the v4.60 (1021) ASPI layer.

Reboot, run ASPI Check again, and if correct, try CD Speed again and let us know if the overburn test will work with the Yamaha.

Even if it doesn’t, as long as the disc is in your overburn database it won’t matter. :wink:

Okay got Force ASPI, uninstalled the layers, checked to make sure they were gone, then installed the 4.60 layers, went into CD Speed and to Overburn Test, Button still greyed out (Grrrrrrrrr).

Any other ideas?

As I said, you don’t need to overburn with the Yamaha to test the media. Use the Plextor for overburn tests on 80 minute media.

For 90 and 99 minute media, you shouldn’t even have to test it. The Yamaha can handle it, and that is all you need to know.

But the problem is the feature doesnt work with either burners now, and uninstalling Nero and re-installing it deleted my dB, so i cant even test media anymore :frowning:

Need to find out why this damn thing happened again…now I’m on a mission :smiley:

You never did say what operating system you are using, but I’m assuming WinXP or Win2000.

You shouldn’t be using two different versions of ASPI. WinXP doesn’t require ASPI for most new major burning programs. Try uninstalling (totally removing) the Adaptec ASPI and just use the Nero ASPI and see what happens.

I just have the Nero ASPI on my WinXP installation, and the overburn test works fine.

I will try that and see, hopefully it will work, but I am sure I had the ASPI Layers in place and had it working, and yes you assume right XP install.

But its easy enough to remove the layers and try Nero’s alone, we’ll see, what bothers me is there is no place in the registry nor a ini file for Cd Speed that keeps this info, and if it does, then that may be what I a missing, but I doubt it.

The overburning media data is saved by CD Speed in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\Overburning :wink:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\Overburning

Doesnt exist in my registry at all…could this be the reason why the start button is greyed out?

I have other things under Cd Speed like:

Cd Quality
Seek Times
Transfer Rate

but no Overburning.

Originally posted by AngelDeath
[B]HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\Overburning

Doesnt exist in my registry at all…could this be the reason why the start button is greyed out?[/B]

No, sorry, the Overburning key is created after the overburn test is run, not before.

Are you using CloneCD or Alcohol 120%? If enabled, CloneCD’s Hide CDR Media option in the system tray can prevent proper CDR ATIP recognition. Alcohol 120% has a similar feature which is enabled by default, and for now is only disabled when the program is uninstalled.

I haven’t seen any reports of ATIP recognition problems being related to the overburn test, but if you are using either of these programs it’s worth a try to see if they are responsible for the overburn problem.

Can i ask one stupid question ??

Do you have inserted first , one blank media in the burner ? :confused:


Thanx, CloneCD Hide Media isnt enabled nor the icon in the tray, as for Alcohol yes that I have installed, will remove it and see if that fixes the issue.

As for inserting media, yeah, I am not that much of a moron yet, even though the mind is the first thing to go :bigsmile:

EDIT: Welp uninstalled Alcohol and reboot, tried it again, and nothing, still greyed out…I will defeat this problem one way or another.

Inertia and All,

I finally found the problem and fixed it, you were right but I forgot that I also had Fantom CD also installed. It so happened both virtual drivers during a re-arranging of the system disappeared, and the Overburn came back, thinking it was the re-arranging I re-installed the drivers, and then it disappeared. So then I went one step further and disabled the two Virtual SCSI Drivers both Fantom and Alcohol installed, which in essence disables the virtual roms, and low and behold, I got it back.

So its fixed, and I am sorry that I didnt mention it that I had fantom installed as well, But guess you live and learn :slight_smile:

I’m glad you got it figured out. :wink:

I had a feeling that your persistence would yield results. :slight_smile: