Nero cd speed to confirm disk is ok?

I have Taiyo Yudens that my acer 48x drive recognizes at only 24x. I disabled justspeed and burned it at 40x. I then use CD speed to do a scn disk. Both file test and surface scan were selected. The scan shows no errors. Does this mean that I can burn reliably at 40x?


For that disc, yes. For the rest of the batch, maybe.
You might also want to run a cd quality check and see if there are any speed drops. (On a full disc, not one only burned 50%)
Taiyos are a respectable brand, so I wouldn’t worry about them degrading over time any more than normal.

You failed to mention what speed the discs are rated for. If they are rated at 24x, you can burn them at 32x on most drives, and 40x on some drives. Error-free scans are a good sign.

The disks are rated 24x. I burned a disk that was 550 MB; cd quality shows no drop in speed. I’m going to try 48x to see if they work at that speed also.

With 550 MB, it won’t reach more than about 80% speed with a 48x setting. You need 700MB for a full-speed test. Same for 40x.