Nero CD-Speed / Scandisc reliability?


In the new batch of discs I purchased I am experiencing far too many failures (around 1 in 6). They are DiscRite 80minute - I had burnt 100 of these in my Plextor 24/10/40a with only 2 failures due to x12 write, PIO mode as my Win98 removed the UDMA option for the writer, and I was using the machine for other things - oh, burnproof was off at the time.

The disc that made me write this query passes the scandisk and CD-Quality check with zero errors and 100% pass rate - however, during the last 5 or so % of the disc during these checks the drive slows down and varies in speed - but passes the test. This is worrying as the prior failures had serious problems in reading back in the Plextor but sometimes worked much better in a normal cdrom.

Nero said the last patch of data in one disc was unreadable but I got the data off in a normal cdrom and it is binary the same of the original. I have been burning other discs in between these problem ones so the drive seems fine.

Any comments?

Thanks. Ice’y


Well, no replies and many reads, oh well, but here’s a follow-up with some more worrying news (for me at least) - I do not know what to trust now - help is needed to save my sanity!

Having burnt some more discs with a failure rate of 1 in 5, I tried CD-Diag together with Nero.

On one disc which works fine in the Plextor and normal cdrom and has files which compare ‘binary wise’ to the originals, Nero CD-Quality check shows no errors and 100% perfection, but the scandisk function says the last sector (as normal in these failures) is unreadable - so does CDR-Diag (at least something unreadable).

If the discs work in 2 drives, one the writer and one a normal drive, and the files compare perfectly with the originals, what is all this ‘last sector bad’ crap! They data size is around 700-701 MB’s and Nero does not want to overburn just ‘finalise and close the CD’.

I do not currently have other 80min discs (I bought 200 Diskrites as I have not had any problems before). Does this sound like a media problem or something else? Any help would be appreciated.