Nero CD Speed Question

Im still a noob at using the disc quality check on Nero. Can you explain to me what you base your scans on? Do you guys base it on the “quality score” or do I base it on the PI errors and failures? This is my first disc quality scan can you please tell me if this is good.

The PI Errors are way too high, but the PI Failures looks pretty good. Next time you do a disc quality scan, use 8x instead of 12x. This will more than likely reduce the PI Erorrs that you received with this scan.

what am I suppose to be looking for? PI Errors? PI Failures? or Quality Score? I’ve been trying to do a search on how to interpret nero speed scans but havent had luck. Can you guys enlighten me…

I just read this excellent explanation by Spartane.

Spartane’s explanation is a very good one and I hope you read it. I just want to caution you that just because you get a high quality score with low PIEs and PIFs, it doesn’t mean that your disc is error free. Sometimes bad sectors and errors on a disc will not show until you do a transfer rate test or surface scan in Nero CD-DVD Speed. Just take the error scans lightly, or at least never think that a high quality score means your disc will play back without errors/problems in a home DVD player. Error scanning is a very limited and subjective testing method.

socrates007…what will this transfer test look like if there is a problem? How do you run that transfer test or surface scan? Are you syaing not to run the error check and just run a transfer test and surface scan instead?

If you want to be safe, I would recommend to verify the burn. As for the relative value of error scanning, the reading quality of the standalone used to play back the dvd should be taken into consideration.