Nero CD Speed Disk Quality Problem

I recently purchased an OEM version of the Benq 1620, also having a Liteon 811 and an NEC 2500. I have upgraded the 1620 firmware to B7T9.

Last night, I tried using the Disk Quality test from Nero CD Speed (latest version) for the first time to scan a disk that I had just burned (usually use KProbe with the Liteon). No matter what I set the scan speed to (8X or maximum), the scan speed was showing just under 1X (.9 something).

Anybody have any idea why the scan speed is so slow (took forever to scan the disk)? The drive is running in DMA mode, Microsoft driver on VIA chipset. It burns OK (the disk I was testing was written at 12X, and took ~6:30 to burn).


Update Nero CD-DVD Speed

Thanks for the tip. You were right, that solved the problem.