Nero CD Speed - Disc Quality Test

Nero CD Speed - Disc Quality Check

Hi all,

I’m using Nero for a long time to burn Data DVD’s (MP3 files). After burning a disc, I always check the quality of the disc with CD Speed Disc Quality Check. Recently something changed in doing that check process…

Please refer to the screen shot. (I hope I managed to add this shot to this post…). You will notice that after scanning every 260 Mb (…) the read spead drops to zero and then comes back to the normal read speed.

I’m wandering why CD Speed does this. A check takes more time now, and I want to make sure that it has noting to do with the media. By the way, you see that the quality of a Plextor DVD (Yuden) is not very good. Verbatim performs better…

Thanks for your response!


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You’re not alone, there’s a big long thread about this in the BenQ sub-forum. I think the opinion was that it was a firmware thing.

My 1650 (with BCDC firmware) does it too IIRC. :slight_smile:

On another note, you might like to update your CD-DVD Speed to the latest version.


Thanks for your response! I have had some mechanical problems with my BenQ drive and I bought a new one from LG (GSA-H42N) because of its accurate results. But 'til now I am to lazy to build the thing in my PC. Maybe now’s the moment…

With this LG drive I got a new Nero 7 package, but it seemed to me that some important video options are missing in this package. That is why I have installed Nero 6 again.

Another question to you, if I may be so free… When I make a data DVD compilation, I save a Nero .nri file on my desk top. That’s handy when the DVD fails; a new one is burnt easily. But most of the cases when I double click the .nri icon i get a Windows message that the nero exe file is changed because of a virus (I don’t have any) and that I have to install Nero again.

I tried this of course, but it only helped once. The next time I had the same message and burning wouldn’t succeed… Is this a known issue?

Thanks!!! :bow:

Unfortunately I have no idea how to rectify the “virus” thing :(…but you’re in the right forum for others to help! :slight_smile: