Nero CD-Speed Disc Info Problem


I was just wondering about this Disc Info. Option under the Extra menu. Whenever I goto it, I get no information. The screen comes up, and it has the copy and exit buttons at the bottom. But next to all the information Manufact, Code, Disc Type, etc. I just get a “-” and nothing else. I know that CD-ROMs cannot read the ATIP information, but CDR/RWs can. I have a Ricoh 7200A CDR/RW drive. I don’t understand why it does not display any information. I have tried using Burnatonce, a free burning program, that also has the disc. info. function, and using it I am able to get the information I need. “Alcohol 120%” software also works to read the info. However, I much rather prefer Nero & CD Speed. So if there is something I am doing wrong please let me know. I am using CD Speed version 1.02 and Nero version (the latest). I also am using Windows XP Pro. with no ASPI layer installed, but Nero installs its own “WNASPI32.DLL” with version, so I believe that is fine, since CD Speed is already attached with Nero. Is there something else I have to install or uninstall to get it working? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Go into alcohol and turn off the option to “ignore media type”. It’s in the emulation options.


Thanks. I didn’t realize that the “Ignore Media Type” was affecting it, even though Alcohol 120% was NOT running. Everything works great now. Thanks so much.


A common problem. It’s what allows you to play games from a CDR/RW disc.