Nero CD Speed Create Data Disc

How do you set the “Create Data Disc” burn rate using Nero CD Speed? Here is a shot of my Fugi TY02 burned at 8X. I’d like to run this test at 12X and 16X. Thanks.

Edit: I can’t figure out how to show the pictures since I’ve already attached them to a thread. So I’ll just leave them as links.

Check selected and the speed you want instead of max >

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try that as soon as I get off work, but why would “maximum” only burn at 8X?

I have no idea…sorry. I have some Fuji TY 02’s that will only go to 12X even if i select 16X. My BenQ won’t allow them to burn them no matter what f/w i use. The number on the hub is TG001133. The ones i have with TG001125 and TG001158 will burn at 16X. Just depends on the batches i guess.

Maybe someone can explain this (originally posted by [H]itman):

Why does my disc type show DVD+R and [H]itman’s show DVD-ROM? Did I do something wrong?

If you changed book type to dvd-rom then you have it set to show disk type not book type it’s in the options when it opens. Set it for booktype if you want.

I knew it had to be something simple. Thanks.

What are the expected burn rates for a full DVD disc at 4x, 8x, 12x, and 16x?

Approximate values
4X: 5550 KB/s
8X: 11100 KB/s
12X: 16650 KB/s
16X: 22200 KB/s

Exact values can be found here:, but burners usually overspeed a bit.

(EDIT: Oops, first I gave burn times insted of rates, sorry)

Sorry, you had it right the first time. I am looking for burn times.

4x ~15 min
8x ~8:40 min
12x ~6:40 min
16x ~5:40 min

Erik Deppe, the author of CDSpeed, has stated that the main intent of the 12X and the 16X selections was for scanning pressed media rather than burned media.

So when CDSpeed added the 12X and 16X options, “Maximum” was left at 8X because most people only scan burned discs and not pressed discs.

ummm…This person wants to create data disk not scan for quality i believe.

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