Nero CD Speed & C2 Errors

I just recieved a CD in the mail from an eBay auction that was listed as with “no surface scratches” and it has a deep scratch across the last four songs, along with other smaller ones. I played it on my computer and those songs seem to play OK, but I tested it with Nero CD Speed and there were massive C2 errors right at the section of the CD where the scratch is.

The problem is that the detection of the C2 errors is intermittent. I tested it 6 times - four tests had errors; two had none. Does this mean that this test is useless or just very sensitive? When they did show up, they were always in the same place, although one time there was a stray C2 error at the beginning of the CD also. I also tested it by ripping those four songs with EAC and there were no errors.

What do you think? I’m just worried that this CD might not play on more sensitive players.

Probably a subject for the CD testing software forum. But to put it briefly, the C2 errors are “error correction” failures. They’re are not errors in the sense that they are physically present on the disc. They result from the reading of the disc. Test at lower speed and they will likely go away. That said, obviously you have a flawed disc. Scratches in the data side cause read errors, but are not generally a cause for a disc to deteriorate. The disc should be copied so you have a good copy to use. You could try one of the scratch-remover tools that are available, to repair the disc. But nothing is guaranteed. I would suggest ripping the tunes at the lowest possible speed to minimize errors, and making a copy.