NERO CD Speed and DriveSpeed

Hi y’all…

Nero has these great drive speed testing programs, complete with graphs and special tests with a NERO CD.

BUT, does the NERO CDSpeed testing program send the results to memory for future use by NERO BURNING ROM?

Or is it just for information only.

I know you can save the results of the tests, but it seems that those are information files only.

Like NERO DriveSpeed…is it necessary to run this program evry time the computer boots up?? Seems like after running it one time, NERO BURNING ROM remembers each drive’s speed rating.

Any help here appreciated.

I Love NERO.

I know the moderators and senior members MUST know what I am trying to say here.

Can we have some kind of discussion about this?

I think I wasted alot of time testing my drives for nothing, if the NERO program doesn’t actively use the testing results.

Because each time I install new updates, or do an uninstall/reinstall i would like to know if I have to run the testing programs again.


I don’t think that CD-speed is important for the proper work of your burner.IMO it is there to test and nothin else…but maybe i’m wrong :confused:

I think this is correct…allows to test the speed of the drive…it has sent no data that I am aware to Nero mastering program