Nero CD Speed 4.01 Released

Included in Nero Burning Rom Just downloaded and installed Nero Burning Rom (updated from I haven’t found a difference yet. Attached is Nero CD Speed 4.01 running here.

thx for the heads up kenshin :iagree:

First testing with Princo 4x DVD-R and TYG01. (I’ll post the results on the big sticky thread.)

“Released where”? Not at the official site yet.

It’s not reflected on the CDSpeed2000 homepage but as is often, Nero has 4.01 CD Speed (just a while also posted on the News page as well as on the forum.) I downloaded Nero and other updates from a South Korean server since US and German servers are too slow for me.

At least, I can still upload small files on my server.

(My ftp somehow doesn’t work since a few months ago due to my own mistakes.)

Extracted from Nero (with WinRAR to uncompress the installation .exe file) and renamed by me from CDSpeed.exe to CDSpeed4.0.1.0.exe.

Thanks, Kenny!

hi kenshin :slight_smile:
which drives does it support?
does it support asus 1608p?

Disc Quality tests on Plextor drives work yet?

I don’t have any Asus DVD writer (but just used those very old Asus CD-ROM drives, 40x and 50x.)

Not until Plextor gives permission. Does the term “cold day in hell” ring a bell?

doesn’t work with Plexs yet…

wish Erik Deppe would take the same position contra Plextor as Alex Noe and Zeb have…

Maybe you would like Erik to lose his job too? He lives in a political world that’s not of his making, so “official” support for Plextor is up to Plextor, not up to Erik.

i wouldn’t like that actually…and i’m fully aware of the context…didn’t need your condescending/master-of-the-obvious statement…

Alexnoe never seemd to hesitate to call Ritek crap.

Now it is!

Thanks a lot Kenny, I installed latest Nero today but didn’t notice the update…

Regards, :slight_smile: