Nero CD recognition

OS: Windows XP
Burner: YAMAHA CDRW8424E
Software: Nero

Yeah, I was burning stuff fine last week but all of a sudden something has gone wrong.

I was getting an error like this (below) when I was trying to make a data CD - a collection of digital photos. A temporary “bandaid” solution was to first create an image (in Nero) of the files containing the photos and then burn the image to a CD. This is an okay (though slower) solution for data but no good for making an audio CD as I found out last night. For some reason an image of a bunch of audio files won’t play in a stand-alone CD player.

Invalid block address

Invalid Writestate

Could not perform endtrack

Simulation failed at 8x (1,200 KB/s)

This is the error message (below) I was getting when I tried to create an audio CD the usual way:

Simulation started at 8x (1200 KB/s)

This is not a CD-Recordable.

Simulation failed at 8x (1200 KB/s).

I still can’t work out if it is a hardware or software problem. I have to last version of the firmware created for my model of CD burner. Should I get the firmware from a more recent model of Yamaha CD burner? Maybe the firmware tells the burner how to recognise and work with the larger TDK 80 CDs I just bought?

Could it be the Windows drivers maybe?

Maybe it is a Nero problem? Neor burned the image without any hiccups though. Yesterday Nero even burned one audio CD consisting of one large 45 minute audio file before packing in and refusing to burn any more audio CDs. The second CD I tried to burn consisted of three audio files. I wonder if Nero or the Yamaha software can’t handle burning multiple files these days?

Any tips would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thank you, and Merry Christmas. :slight_smile: