Nero CD Quality Test

Hello I just got done burning my first dvd with a memorex 8x dvd-r and I can test the burn but i can’t test the quality test it brings up a screen that doesn’t look like other peoples tests…it just shows c1 and c2 things and it never really gets started and i can’t press the start button because its grey and unclickable and i don’t know if this is because im using an older version of nero or what?? the version is Id like to do a quality test but I can’t seem to figure it out…any help would be appreciated thanks!!

p.s. i have the newest firmware also…

Did you select the correct burner to scan from dropdown box at top?
What is your BenQ firmware version?

I have the new B7T9

And there isn’t an option at the top it doesn’t even look like what other guys screenshots look like…

Why don’t you post a screenshot yourself, so we can see what is going wrong ?

This is what it looks like.

any suggestions?

You can get the current version here

ok im downloadin it now thanks!

Ok heres my results of my first burn…

What you guys think??

It looks REALLY good to me!

What speed was it burned at?

it was burned at 8x on a memorex from wally world :cool:

Really well done considered it’s Ritek 8x DVD-R.