Nero CD Image Burning

I have a Nero CD Image of a game, (.nrg file), and I have burned it to 3 different CD-R’s and the install is fine but when I run the game I get , " Please insert the correct CD and try again".

Am I doing something wrong or is there some kind of copyright code that needs to be seen on the original CD to play?

Any help would be appreciated!!!

I checked the Crack folder on the CD and copied the contents to the installed game folder but it was already there!

Then I started looking at some sites like;; I saw they recommended using - UN-safedisk or UNsecurom. I downloaded a generic safedisk patch but now I’m over my head and am getting confused!!!

I know this is very hard to hold someones hand through this but if I could just get pointed in the right direction. I’d like to be able to clone all my game CD’s, and crack the .exe that requires the CD.

Thanx for any help.