Nero CD-DVD test with DVD-109?

I opened up Nero CD-DVD Speed Test today, and it actually allowed me to do a Disc Quality Test. I’ve always heard that Pioneer drives can’t run those tests, and in my past experience the start button on that tab in has always been greyed-out.

I’m running Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.51.1 packed with Nero

Here are the results from my test.

So, I’m sure the Disc Quality Test isn’t accurate, but what about the ScanDisc? Should I be worried about this result even though the “read test” turned out fine?

I have trouble too with scaning pioneer with nero cd dvd speed …
For the moment, we can trust scan with pio … sometimes it is works and sometimes not

Mine is just too erratic a scanner, racks up insane amounts or PI (on a burn most other drives are happy with), though PIF look more representative.

I’d say those spikes look like link/OPC adjustment points.