Nero cd/dvd speed

Hi. I ran a transfer rate test with nero cd/dvd speed and it showed a lot of dips in both curves. I used a blank Ridata dvd fot the test with no other programs running. My burner is a brand new Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111D. My dvd backups are all choppy in a lot of places. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong? My pc is Athlon64 3000 w/1.5G of Ram running XP Pro SP2. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Oh - I’m using Nero 6.0 Ultra.

You’re using rubbish media. Try Verbatim, (made in Japan), or Taiyo Yuden.
What speed are you burning at ?
Are you using an 80 wire IDE cable ?
Is DMA enabled for the drive ?
With the above two types of media I find my 111 burns 16x media best at 12x. Though there are no probs at 8x or 16x.

Ok thanks - I’ll try to get some verbatim disks. I’m burning at 4X (slowest speed allowable). I have 80 wire IDE and DMA is enabled so I guess it’s the media. Thanks for your help c@tbyte.

You didn’t state the rated speed of the disks you were already using.
Have you tried them at, or just below it ?
Burning at the slowest speed available is a no-no for todays disks. You’ll end up with terrible quality. (As you seem to have found out.)

Thank you c@tbyte for all your input. The Ridata disks are rated for 16x so i will try a burn at 8x,12x and 16x to see if it helps. I’ll also pick up some Verbatim disks for the future. You’ve been a great help - thanks again. :slight_smile:

Well - I got some 16x Verbatim disks and they get the same crappy results in a transfer rate test. Any ideas from here? I updated the firmware to version 1.29 when i bought the 111D - could that be a problem? Burned disks play fine in pc but not in standalone player. Not sure what to think now.

Try both the Verbatim and Ridata discs at 8x and 12x, that’s generally where you’ll get the best results with 16x discs. Using 1.29 is appropriate as it’s the latest firmware so stick with that.

Is the MID supported in your standalone player firmware? A lot of the newer MIDs are not supported in older player firmware. Have you cleaned the laser lens lately? Try burning +R’s and bitsetting to DVDROM.

What is a MID? Sorry - just a newbie to this. The writer is brand new (5 days old).