NEro CD-DVD Speed



Hi there
I can’t initiate disc quality test… can’T even click on Start button…and the few time I was able to, I received initiation error…

Burner: Pioneer A09

Anyone can help? thanks :slight_smile:


First off, do you have the latest version? Go to “” and download version 4.01 if you don’t already have it. You can use this as a standalone tool, but if you want to it work within Nero, place it at “C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero Toolkit”.

Second, did you read the FAQ at If not, please check it out.

Are you using the same drive (your Pioneer A09) to run CD-DVD Speed that you also burned with? Using version 4.01 with your burned disc in the drive, are you sure you have the right DVD Drive selected at the top? What exactly happens when you click on the “Disc Quality” tab? What exactly happens when you click on the “Start” button?


same burner, right DVD drive selected…

and… the Start buttom is disabled… and Yes I have a DVD in there! :slight_smile:
Burned with same burner… and yeap, I have the last version of N. C-D speed.

and… when I was able to click on the Start, I was receiving an error, Can’t initiate quality test…

Thanks for help


I don’t think you can use Pioneer drives for quality test :frowning: Only NEC, LiteOn & BenQ (and Plextor has it’s own tools) You can do a transfer rate test though :slight_smile:


:cop: Pioneer drives are not compatible with CD Speed. It’s as simple as that. :frowning:
Follow the first two links in my signature if you want to scan with your A09 :slight_smile: