Nero CD/DVD SPEED wont let me "Disc quality"

I got Nero DVD-CD SPEED and i can do all the functions except the “Disc Quality” The start button is blanked out…why is this?

Scanning with my Pioneer DVDRW A06…i also got a Liteone DVDROM if that helps with anything…

Doesn’t support quality scanning for older Pioneers - the 109 which I have, gives unconvincing results with a reg-tweak to enable it - the PIF scan looks sensible, but PI look ridiculous on a disc that scans ok in a Liteon.

The Liteon DVD-ROM is not ideal, and scans are not comparable to Liteon DVD-RW scans, but it should work.

DVD Info Pro may make a better job of Pioneer scans, and may go back to SOME earlier models (not sure how far), but unless it was my only solution (it isn’t), I really can’t be bothered with buying it or sufferring the banner ad and timeouted “free” version, not when CDSpeed is genuinely free and I have a drive that works with it (or K-probe).

I go by the “alt.comp.freeware” newsgroup regulars favoured description of freeware - if it has a timeout, then you’ve only been “lent” it, not given it, regardless of how many times that timeout is extended.

dvdinfopro works with the A04 (don’t know about the A03), how well it works is a different story.

I’m having the same exact problem

I’m having a problem with not getting the “Start” button for Nero CD-DVD Speed in the Disk Quality tab. I read the FAQ on where this is addressed and I am definitely inserting a DVD. All other features of this program seem to work.

  • I’m using a Plextor PX-716A with the latest 1.09 firmware upgrade
  • I’m using Nero 6.6 (latest v6 version). I just installed Nero so it is a fresh install
  • I also have all the latest drivers and I installed the v2.0.1.74 of the Nero wnaspi32.dll
  • I’m using the latest version of CD-DVD Speed (v4.10)
  • I’ve tried with both blank and full DVD’s and of 3 different brands (DVD-R and DVD+R)
  • I’m using Windows XP with all the latest updates

I’ve been google searching for answers for awhile without any luck, any further help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !

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CD-DVD Speed don’t support Plextor drives. To do scans with a plextor you need Plextools, that should be included in your burner box

oh… is that all? LOL


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

i’ve got 2 burners: pioneer 108 and a lg 4163b and it doesn’t work for either…
any alternatives?

The only alternative is to buy a burner able to do scans. The reliable ones are liteon, benq and (if you can afford) plextor. Some NEC can do scans, but are not completely reliable (and I don’t know exactly what nec drives can do scans)