Nero CD-DVD Speed will not scan UDF file format DVDs

I have a few TV shows that are over 2GB in size (3.37GB) and I decided to back them up and DVD. Since ISO format will not allow file sizes over 2GB I had to use UDF. I’m currently using Nero and after I finished burning (760A) and use CD-DVD Speed to scan the disc CD-DVD Speed crashes and will not scan.

I see there are many versions of UDF, which one should I use for maximum compatibility? Because Nero chose v1.02 by default when burning.

I am having a similar problem. I us UDF not UDF/ISO . What happens to me is the show records fine up too two hours but set top players only see the first 45 minutes? I can play it all back on the computor but not set top DVD Players, I have three and there all the same, only see 45 minutes?