Nero CD-DVD Speed v4.07 Supports SolidBurn



This Is Great News For Us BenQ Users. :clap:

Download Links: (thanks to Ozzii and MacClipper)


Where do we get it from? I can only see 4.01 on the site.


No, if you check the link, that appears to be 4.07, and with Nero 7


On cd-dvd speed site, in download page, there is only 4.01
checked right now
I hope that will be released soon


Sorry, Geno, I should have been more specific. :rolleyes: I meant to check the link the Pulsee gave where Pulsee posted a screen shot of CD-Speed 4.07 (and yes, you’re right–it is not available at; I only got 4.04 on updating my Nero to version 66016) to be available with Nero 7. Unless CDSpeed 4.07 is posted at the cdspeed website, I won’t have the $$$ to upgrade to Nero 7. :sad:


I second that, especially because the bottom box of 4.01 always gets cut off on my machine, when I resize the graphs just get bigger.


Here is cd-dvd speed 4.07


thkx a bunch dude


Hi :slight_smile:
Thanks :clap:


wow that didn’t take long to surface…Thanx


it wont let me download…


It takes forever to load. If you still can’t get it pm me and i will send it to you.


I cannot get it either. Keeps looping me between 2 pages.


I just right-clicked the manual download link and chose “save as”. About 10k dl speed.


Yep - I extracted this version from the nero 7 package 3 days ago :stuck_out_tongue:

In Nero info tool there is also a new checkbox to see if a drive supports solidburn :slight_smile:

Can’t find much new except solidburn though.


whistles innocently

And the prettier icons!!!111one :wink:


Sorry I cannot find it, on the cdfreaks site it links to the 401 and that other link is not available currently


Linky and download still working with Firefox. :smiley:
Try to disable firewall, if any.


The SolidBurn and OverSpeed options show grayed out for me (1640 BSLB). It might be because I already have them “permanently” se;ected with QSuite 2.0. I’ll have to give it a try after using QSuite to deselect them.

Pity WOPC isn’t included…



Sorry not working for me, Firefox and no FW installed :frowning: