Nero CD-DVD Speed V4.00 released!



couldnt see it been posted before but theres a new version of cd speed out :slight_smile:


* Greatly improved user interface
* Window is resizable
* More customization options for the graphs
* Gradient backgrounds
* Disc Info
      o Improved user interface
      o More detailed information is shown
      o Disc information can be copied to the clipboard as plain text or HTML
* ScanDisc
      o Improved user interface
      o Increased accuracy
      o C1/C2 or PI/PO information can be used to check the disc quality which gives much more detailed information than the standard read test
      o The quality of each track (AudioCD), chapter (DVD Video) or file (Data disc) is shown which makes it very easy to verify the integrity of the disc contents
* Small improvements and bug fixes



ok i like the new feature of the scan disc to check each file by itself for integrity…


Been out for two days. :wink:

Please keep all discussion about CD Speed v.4 in appropriate forum section.


I’ve been following discussions for CD Speed V.4. Exciting development and it should have its own thread. It’s too hidden on page 30 on thread topic CDSpeed v3 Disc Quality Test which doesn’t reflect V.4. I suggest moving all V.4 discussions to new thread in Media Testing forum.


Clearly a lot of people on NEC forum want a thread dedicated to the announcement of CD Speed 4.0 and also a lot of people on BenQ forum want another thread on BenQ forum… and same with Lite-On… Time to create more subforums under each of the current brand-specific subforum? :bigsmile:

(Like NEC CD Speed Forum, NEC Media Forum, NEC Firmware Forum…)


I like your idea of multi subforums. You’re right that each drive will have its own set of issues, etc.


Wanna volunteer to moderate some of the sub-sub-forums? :bigsmile: (It’s already hellish enough to have all these subforums of different manufacturers.)


I volunteer to moderate the moderator only-sub-sub forums. =P


I wanna be moderator