Nero CD-DVD Speed v3.80 released!




[li]Create Data Disc: added support for ISO files
[/li][li]Bitsetting: added support for certain AccessTek drives
[/li][li]Added MID/ATIP code to saved HTML file
[/li][li]Added option to include MID/ATIP code with filename
[/li][li]Improved layer break detection for recordable DVDs
[/li][li]Disc Quality Test - Added recorder information for DVD-R/DVD-RW discs which have not been burned with the Create Data Disc function
[/li][li]Disk Quality Test - Added quality score algorithm for certain drives
[/li][li]Small improvements and bug fixes


Please forgive my ignorance but what is it for?


Thanks for the heads up and link.


As the name said you could make different tests with your Cd/Dvd Media.
Like Transfer rates, checkin speed of your drive, quality tests from your burned
media, checkin media manufacturer etc.
A really nice thing for your discs!
And thanks TomMiken for info!