NERO CD-DVD Speed V3.61 Just released for all you scanners out there

[B]Nero CD-DVD Speed V3.61 Released specifically for Zevia :bigsmile:

This new version lets you burn Nero image files.

CD Speed v3.61 Click on the link below

Create Data Disc: added option to burn Nero image files instead of predefined data
Added color selection/themes
Disc Quality test
added QuickScan function
improved support for Asus DVD burners
improved support for AOpen DUW1608/ARR
improved support for AOpen DVD1648/AAP
added 12x and 16x speed settings for BenQ DW1620
added elapsed time in summary screen
Bitsetting: added DVD+R DL bitsetting for QSI drives
Small improvements and bug fixes


Thanks :smiley:
Got it this morning

I’m trying to create an NRG DVD-Video file of correct size. I got 4,701,946,024 file size just now. :sad:

4,700,372,992 is the CD-Speed default test-burn size for single-layer 4.7GB.