Nero cd/dvd speed test scans

hello everyone. my first post here at cdfreaks. im a reject/outcast from afterdawn. i dont know if this thread is allready available i did a little searching and didnt see anything like it. if there is would someone please point me in the right direction…

just want to post scans from nero cd/dvd speed test and talk about the results… i started this same type thread over there @ AD, and it was a pretty good thread.
here is a scan i just did of a burn on a 8x+r TY.

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Hi, the media forum or Optical drive specific forums are most probably where you want to post scans, this site has quite a few… to say the least :wink:

PM a moderator if you wish your scan moved to the correct thread.

AD… they don’t really have much use for testing IIRC :slight_smile:

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I’m moving this thread to the Blank Media forum where you will most likely get more respond.

Oh… this is not what I usually expect from Taiyo Yuden media :frowning:
The PIF clusters… is the disc dirty or scratched?

(You can use Nero CD-DVD Speed instead, it allows jitter scanning at other speeds too.)

Hey cincyrob,
Went to BB this morning and picked up some Verb’s. MCC 004 for $12.99+tax/50 pack. Got 100 of 'em. hehehe.

Here’s a scan of a MCC 004 burned on a Pioneer DVR-112L (DVR-112D flashed with TDB f/w Buffalo 8.06 for the 112L) scanned with the Lite-On LH-18A1P.

PIE errors are low BUT, PIF contains some clusters of errors. Also, jitter is pretty close to being 10% all over the disc. I prefer my jitter average to be 8.5% or less throughout the disc.

So what speed did you write at? Was it with your liteon?

EDIT: @ Greensman, use jitter scanning as well with your LH18A1P. There’s no reason not to :slight_smile:

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Jitter reporting, at least on BenQs has shown to be quite variable in terms of absolute levels reported between drives so IMO, it is unwise to quote absolute Jitter values based on what is reported by your drive. Afterall, it does not cost the same as a professional analyzer does :wink:

what actually does the jitter test show/tell you


thank you for the welcome. and thanks for the info on moving to the blank media forum.

will the nero jitter test work with the liteon drives? i have the SHW-160P6S.

getting ready to burn one will post the scan

Yes it will, at least if you have a recent firmware on that drive. You may need to enable jitter scanning by pressing the Advanced button on the Disc Quality tab and checking the jitter scanning box.

heres a scan of flight of fury.burnt at 8x on a 8x+r TY.disc to disc(on the fly).i used the new TA jitter test…i dont have a clue as to what it means or how to read it.

here is the jitter test

could someone explain this new type of jitter test. thank you

CincyRob, try the TA Jitter test at 1x.

i redid this one and used ripit4me to rip and then ran it through clonedvd2 to burn…got alot morePIE’s but alot lower PIF’s which ist what i want very low PIF’s. i also did it on nero

Which program you used to burn a disc generally isn’t a variable in burn quality, though there are some exceptions. Disc to disc variation from within a batch, as well as scanning at different speeds, would be the likely reasons for any change in your scans. And I’d suggest using 4.7.5 for performing scans with your Liteon, it performs the jitter measurement in an improved manner (after, not during, the scan, which speeds things up slightly, as well as not having an influence on the error levels reported).

ill try that jitter at 1x here in a few mins

Just messing around with the new Nero CD/DVD Speed and did a scan at 1X for poo’s and ha-ha’s. :wink:

Test at 1X on a TDK 003 burned at 12X. NOt to bad of a scan but I’m not sure of the media. I get much better burns on a YUDEN T02 but it’s about the same as MCC 004’s for me. :slight_smile: I think this shows the jitter test too.

Does the LH-18A1P support the jitter test at most speeds or just 4X and under? I’m learning here and haven’t read all there is on these tests yet. :wink:


just did this one on a non printable 8x+r TY. almost a copy of the ones i did on the hubprintable TY.

actually about half as many PIE’s thats a good thing