Nero CD-DVD Speed Test Result. Is it bad?

I just ran Nero CD-DVD Speed on a DVD, and below is the result. What do the 2 spikes represent, and is it bad? I have only ran this test a few other times, and the result was always a perfect arc.

if you are really concerned, you can rerun the scan again to verify that it was indeed the disc, and not stray matter on it. But, those dips are pretty negligible. If it were to drop down to 2x, then i would start to question the reliability of the media and/or the drive. Most likely the media though…

Hmm, I think you run CD/DVD Speed why doing something else, like browsing.
Nothing to worry about. :cool:

BTW, give it a run on your NEC-3.5k :smiley:

While I was running the test, I switched CDs 2 times in my 167T. And as I watched the test, it almost acted like the dips came when I would insert a new cd into the 167T. The 167T & 832S (which was running the test) are on the same IDE Channel. The media was RICOHJPNR01, and burned on my NEC 3500. You think my using the 167T could have caused the dips? And you mentioned browsing, does that also alter the tests?

YES :smiley: