Nero CD-DVD Speed - ScanDisc?

What should i do when ScanDisc shows yellow parts(damaged areas) in data disc? Will yellow parts turn to red in the future and become unreadable? Thanks…

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What burner do you have? You may be able to do quality scans.

I am using LG GSA-4167B and it can not do quality scans…

Ah, OK. I never use ScanDisc…I’m sure others that do will come to your aid though :slight_smile:

What does a Transfer Rate Test look like on the LG, nice and smooth? Can you post a pic of one?

Edit: I think I’d probably back the disc up to good media just in case anyway, but I’m the paranoid type when it comes to my discs!


The “scan disc” test is a bit different from the “Disc Quality” test.

It consists of two tests:

  1. File test: check file readability, and report all errors.

  2. Surface scan. It examine disc surface to search damaged sectors. It report results in graphical way. Yellow sectors are damaged ones that can still read with the internal error correction routines of the drive, so data can still be retrieved.

Red sectors are damaged, and unreadable. They should be the same of POF showed in Disc Quality test.

Yellow parts(ScanDisc called them damaged ares) detected by ScanDisc are speed pits and at transfer rate test these pits are very visible. I think; this type of speed downs is not a big problem at data CD-DVD. Main problem is; are they become unreadable with ageing of the media?

Probably these reading slowing are due to spikes of PIF errors.

Nobody can do previsions on a media durability. Certainly a disc with fewer errors have an higher probability to be readable for more time than a disc with many errors.

And LG drives aren’t as forgiving when they encounter errors as say, LiteOn drives. :wink:

Main problem is; are they become unreadable with ageing of the media?

Yes it is very possible, at this stage as mentioned by geno already, they can be read through the CIRC mechanism of your drive. At some point degradation may occur and these areas might go into the uncorrectable zone.

Also keep in mind that other drives with different CIRC capabilities might return with different scans, which could be better or worse.